Why Clarify?

Leave the résumé parser behind and focus on what matters most — growing your business and taking care of your people.

We're reimagining the way hiring gets done. Instead of adding technology on top of a cumbersome and already difficult process, we're focusing on the basic drivers of the hiring process: results.

It all starts with achievements, which means focusing on value created, while ensuring they're time-bound and measurable. With Clarify, professionals add their achievements and use them to apply to jobs on the platform, bypassing the résumé altogether, yet providing insight into the results they've delivered and can deliver for a potential employer.

Clarify provides better insight into the quality of a candidate than the standard résumé of today, while making sure companies deploy their HRIS spend on a more efficient and better hiring process.

Why not a Résumé?

A résumé doesn't convey much about a candidate. Often time it's riddled with generic statements and job descriptions, or keywords that are sprinkled throughout just to match your job post, without providing you with a complete picture.

Leaving you to pay for software that promises to weed out applicants based on keywords, not results.

Clarify vs. Résumé

We've put together a brief high-level comparison of how Clarify provides a much better hiring experience for both applicants and companies. Elevating the level of conversation from the minute an applicant clicks 'Apply'.



Ex. Responsible for leading the budgeting process

company-wide, valued at $30M in annual revenue

Ex. Responsible for budgeting

Measurable and time-bound results

Buzzwords to match your job description

Ongoing updates as needed

Updated once or twice a year

Structured repository of achievements and results

Unstandardized format and design

Just the essentials, plus job history and education

Generic personal statements and job tasks

Text in searchable format

PDF, Word, Pages, and text